Troubador Princess Noriko and The Cursed Kingdom

Released: 28/06/2020

ISBN: 9781838594435

Format: Paperback

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Princess Noriko and The Cursed Kingdom


A dark, fast paced fairy tale of action packed adventures in perilous lands. In our world before men, the finding of a mysterious, bewitched fairy princess called Noriko starts a catastrophic chain of events that lay a fatal curse upon the kingdom that saved her. The unique tree blessed with the still beating heart of a shooting star that protects the kingdom has been slain of its power and is dead. Ten ancient scrolls of immense power must be found as they are the only chance to give the tree rebirth and save the magical kingdom. But the scrolls are hidden far away in a perfect prison beyond reach and protected by a powerful, ancient magic. Thus, Noriko's journey to retrieve the scrolls and save the kingdom unfolds. From the point of destruction she will rise to ultimately discover who she really is. For Noriko is the catalyst to the scrolls themselves and the falling of the kingdom she must now save. Why has this happened? Who is responsible? Why are the scrolls imprisoned? What monsters await? What secrets wait to be uncovered?

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Andy Rothwell

Hello, many thanks for taking time to pop into my profile.

I live in a small former mill town called Colne in Lancashire, UK. Colne is in a rural setting in the shadow of Pendle Hill, the famous hill forever associated with the 1612 Lancashire witch trials. Colne was also the birthplace and home of Wallace Hartley, the band master on the RMS Titanic; Wallace was also one of the few taken back home for their burial.

The spark to write didn't happen to me until my late forties and came from nowhere as I had never any ambitions to write, but liked to read quite a lot. Favourite authors are J.R.R Tolkien, James Herbert and the author who's stories both C.S Lewis and Tolkien would read as children, George Macdonald.

Photography is another hobby of mine and this year I was lucky enough to bag a runners - up spot on the television show, Countryfile and their 2019 calendar, getting a place on the calendar in March as one of the smaller photo's beneath the finalists.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Best wishes,


Winter on top of Pendle Hill.

One of the runners-up in the Countryfile calendar competition 2019
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