Troubador Poppy on Safari

Released: 28/09/2019

ISBN: 9781838591243

eISBN: 9781838596927

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Poppy on Safari


Poppy is a crazy cream golden retriever who is loveable yet greedy and spoilt. When her family head to a Safari Park for a fun-filled day out, her day does not go as expected. Instead of meeting new animals, she is left behind at a dog kennel.  

Fearing she is being punished for being naughty earlier, Poppy panics. She is also told about a mysterious animal called Cain, the King of the Safari Park, but something has happened to him and nobody at the kennels knows what this is or what he has done.  

Poppy is desperate to rejoin her family. She persuades the other dogs to help her escape by promising to find out what has happened to Cain. She meets a puppy called Harley who is also a cream retriever. Harley has lost his family too. Now Poppy not only needs to find her family, but help Harley find his loved ones and also get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Cain. How is she going to manage this when dogs are not even allowed inside the Safari Park?!

My third book, entitled, POPPY LOVES DEVON, is due for release on 28th June.

I really, and I mean really loved this book to the point where I got addicted and read it for ages! One of my favourite parts was the end but you will have buy a copy before they run out! My favourite character was her friend (puppy friend ) Harley he was so energetic and funny! There were so many parts I enjoyed. I recommend this book not just to children but adults too!! In my opinion it was one of the best books I’ve read. Gill is so clever for writing this and I was so lucky to get a copy of this fabulous book. Thank you Gill . This was an amazing book and this is not the only time I will read it!!!

by Isabelle

My second grade class is enjoying this book with me as we discuss story elements!

by Debbie Monsma

I'm writing this review because I loved reading this book. I apologize for my English, it will not be all correct. I'm not English-speaking. I'm Belgian and not such a good writer ;)
But never the less I try to do my best, because this book is something you must read.
The story line is brilliant. I laughed, I got scared, I was nervous at times, I was hopeful, I felt love and so on. I could feel all the emoties through the words. And I was definitely surprised!!
And it is not just a story. The characters learn a lot about life, the ups and down....
It's written in a very vivid language, so when you start reading you're drawn into the story and can't stop reading until you've turned over the last page and finished the book.
The art, beautifull pencil drawings which give some idea about the characters but not to much. There is plenty of room for your own imagination.
This is a book for all ages, to read and to enjoy, but also as a story to read too even younger children.
You made an amazing piece of art with wisdom!!

by Emmy Coppens

Gillian Young

Gillian Young

Gillian lives in Worcestershire with her family and her crazy golden retrievers. She has owned dogs for over thirty years and they have given her endless inspiration for creating both stories and artwork.

Gillian has enjoyed art and writing stories since her days back in primary school. Following this, she went on to spend three happy years studying at Art College. At the time she had no idea what she wanted as a career. However, she followed her heart and studied what she loved most which were writing and art. Now, she has combined all three of her passions; dogs, writing and drawing into creating stories for others to enjoy.

Gillian Young and her golden girls
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