Troubador Pig the Legend

Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781800463653

Format: Paperback

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Pig the Legend


What links a legendary pig in Gloucester during the English Civil War, a Lancaster bombing raid over France and a looming family crisis? 

The answer is Abby Brown; a girl who questions her own sanity when she thinks she hears a pig warning her that Gloucester, where her grandparents live, is a dangerous place. Dangerous - Gloucester? You have got to be joking! 

Despite the warnings, she is reluctantly compelled by unfortunate family circumstances to spend her summer holiday in this "dangerous" place. While in Gloucester, she stumbles across the mystery of some old coins, a ring and a carved wooden horse - but what significance do they have? 

Stories from the past are intertwined with the difficulties of the present day with the action switching between Abby's home, Gloucester and WW2 France. Abby sometimes finds herself in the Siege of Gloucester in the middle of the English Civil War. Soon convinced that she is the only one who can help both her Grandfather and a mature Gloucester Old Spot pig, she realises she must act. Time is running out and if she doesn't move quickly, she might not be able to save their bacon!

Gazette Series

Stroud News and Journal

Wilts and Gloucestershire Standard

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