Troubador Peter Pixie Visits the Rescue Centre

Released: 28/10/2019

ISBN: 9781838590796

Format: Paperback

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Peter Pixie Visits the Rescue Centre


Peter Pixie lives in a toadstool in the middle of a deep, dark forest. Like all young Pixies he has to go to school. He travels there with his best friend Jonathan in an acorn train to the big oak tree in the middle of the forest. Today is an exciting day because his class is visiting the Rescue Centre. 

Whilst there, an unexpected emergency happens when a human is detected on a mushroom hunt, and the Pixie children get to watch a real life rescue take place! Will the Pixie villagers escape to safety in time? And will the bad human get his comeuppance?

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Lovely story and what are “drifties” mentioned at the beginning ?

Jenny Lee

by Jenny lee

Peter Pixie Visits the Rescue Centre' is an exciting story with great illustrations and fascinating facts about the woodland world and the creatures who live there. Children can engage with the story and the illustrations while learning about nature, which may lead them to find out more, particularly when they are out and about in the countryside. The interactive storytelling & draw along event really brought this book to life and it was evident that the audience really enjoyed it.

by Cheryl, Bookseller, Waterstones Reading

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