Troubador Peacocks in the Glen Again

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785893490

Format: Paperback

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Peacocks in the Glen Again


Peacocks have lived in Pittencrieff Park since 1905 when the Philanthropist Henry Beveridge returned to his hometown of Dunfermline from India, bringing with him the first Peacocks of Pittencrieff Park. Known locally as The GIen, Pittencrieff Park was gifted to the townspeople of Dunfermline three years earlier in 1902, by Dunfermline's most famous son, Andrew Carnegie. Since then the majestic Peacocks have been given the Freedom of the City and are regularly seen strutting around the town and park. For many years the birds thrived in Pittencrieff's seventy-five acres of parkland, but in recent times, the numbers of Peacocks living there has fallen...that is until recently, and the introduction of several new Peacocks and Peahens, and the arrival of one especially intrepid little Peacock called Andrew. This delightfully illustrated book captures, with warmth and humour the history of the Peacocks in the Glen. The illustrator, Robbie Peterson, manages to convey the playful and mischievous nature of the majestic peacocks, along with the beauty of Dunfermline's historic buildings and parkland.

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