Troubador On the Dog Walk!

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788039338

eISBN: 9781788034784

Format: Paperback/eBook

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On the Dog Walk!


Inspired by David’s own Border Collie, Misty and her group of friends cannot help but get into scrapes wherever they go! In On the Dog Walk! they embark on a series of adventures chasing rabbits, running away from spiders and creepy crawlies, almost getting lost and even run into an angry farmer along the way. The inquisitive dogs often get into trouble and end up in dark scary woods with wise owls. Will they ever make it home in one piece? 

On the Dog Walk! is an exciting, humorous and light-hearted adventure story for children with an important message about friendship.

DOGNAPPED! is a children's tale featuring four canine friends and their well meaning but doomed to failure adventures.

An excellent read for kids aged between 7 and 10

DOGNAPPED! Is one of 12 finalists in The People's Book Prize 2017
Misty's second book IN THE DOGHOUSE! is due for release in time for Christmas 2016

Dogs Monthly

I'm a dog lover so I might be a little biased! This was a very cute and entertaining chapter book. I originally thought it would be a shorter picture book, which was my mistake! Older kids who like pets and are up for a chapter book challenge will enjoy!

by Allison Dublin

For three days I read this book for my baby. He is too young to understand but at the same time, it is a good exercise and habit.
The story is an adventure of a group of dogs who got lost and while trying to find their way home had several adventures.
The book is beautifully written and I am pretty sure I'll read it again in the future to my son.
More than the story itself I really loved the pictures.

by NetGalley review

I read this book to my granddaughter and we absolutely loved it. It is funny, witty and adventurous. A very good read I recommend for parents getting it for your children or your grandchildren. It would make a great present or birthday present.

by Mandy Barnes

Cute kids' chapter book to read aloud to your little ones. Totally adorable illustrations!

by Shelley Murray

Ha! Love these little clowns! The dogs are on the loose and getting into lots of mischievous fun! I think kids 2nd to 4th grade would love these funny little dogs. Fast paced and funny story!

by Catherine Hankins

Fun and entertaining book about adventures with dogs. Kids will love reading this book.

by Rhonda Gothier

A wonderful book for the wee ones in my life. We really enjoyed reading this together. Doggies! Doggies! Hard to beat puppies......wonderful illustrations as well.

by Janice Bell

David Robertson

David is a former engineer and lives in the Black Country at the heart of England.

Misty, a border collie, very kindly allows Dave to take care of her and to record her and her friends adventures in a series of children's books.

David Robertson

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