Troubador Ned and the Chocolate Cheats

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838591793

Format: Paperback

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Ned and the Chocolate Cheats


In a world where many animals can talk, an exuberant Jack Russell and his person must conquer foes and race across the world in an adventure of a lifetime!

When Gizzmo, the technologically talented cat from next door, tells Ned about a robbery at the local shop, he immediately gets his person to take him for a walk to investigate. Although he and Jeff mean well, in attempting to solve this mystery, they become embroiled in the mysterious world of MI5 and the battle against organised crime.

From the West Country, to London, and beyond, our reluctant heroes race across the world, to thwart a dastardly chocolate related plot. In doing so, they come face to face with the endangered tarsier, on the tropical, magical island of Bohol. With the blessing and support of the Royal Corgis (the real power behind the throne) and the leader of Britain, Larry the Downing Street cat, Ned and Jeff concoct a risky plan. Can they foil the chocolatey plot -  and will their foes receive their just desserts?

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