Troubador Na Gàidheil

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781789018172

eISBN: 9781838599492

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Na Gàidheil

The Gaels - An Illustrated Introduction to Scottish Gaelic for Children


Na Gàidheil is an illustrated introduction to Scottish Gaelic for children, parents, teachers and adults who want to learn basic Gaelic words in a simple and easy to understand way. It may sometimes seem overwhelming to the beginner so this simple introduction gently introduces the reader to some basic words that they can build on in later books.

The magical illustrations will take you on a journey through the Gaelic fairy realm of the mystical country of Scotland and introduces the Gaels, (a family of Scottish fairies), their family and some of the Gaelic place names in Scotland. You will find unicorns, magic, enchantment and by using simple phonetics can learn Gaelic words to use around the home.

Full of hand drawn and painted illustrations and beautiful Scottish scenery, Na Gàidheil has been created to capture the magic of the Gaelic language.

South Lanarkshire Council have introduced a smaller, school edition of Na Gàidheil into local schools.

"Na Gàidheil is a visually appealing book that gives children an introduction to the Gaelic language through fun characters and enchanting images.”

Michael Newton, Gaelic Scholar and Author,

That's Books

Excellent book, not only for children but for adults who like me would like to learn Gaelic !

by Jo

I find this book to be very magical. The illustrations of ‘The Gaels’ family have a real mystical and magical feel to them. I feel the illustrations are very captivating to a young audience as they are brightly coloured and inviting to children. This book has good repetition of Gaelic words throughout which will help hold children’s attention. The book was a really enjoyable read. The Gaelic words are presented well, noticeable and flow well throughout. I feel this book is very inviting for children and will promote children’s imagination. Na Gàidheil has the potential to be a great tool in introducing children to the Gaelic language.

by Jill

I thought this a lovely book . A beautifully illustrated introduction to Scottish Gaelic for small children. It had all the components necessary to capture the attention of the very young reader: colour, a magical world, family, numbers, repetition, things to do and, the promise of more to come. I hope this is the beginning of a series and a developing narrative.

by Helen

What a thoroughly enjoyable book! I like to put a Gaelic word or two in my writings, and this book is quite helpful for that. I think the illustrations are delightful and whimsical and will appeal to children of all ages. I hope the author intends on following this up with more books and possibly create a series.

by Keith

I thought this book was beautifully laid out and my daughter loved going through it with me. I found the notes for parents very helpful and the contents page made it easy to understand what the Gaelic words on each page were for, along with the really unique and imaginative illustrations. I've always found Gaelic a bit hard to get my head round as the words look nothing like they sound at times and this book does a brilliant job of simplifying some of the words. My daughter absolutely loved the fairy characters and the unicorns, lovely book!

by Stuart

Beautiful book! I read this with my two young children and they loved it! They don't know much Gaelic and I'm only learning so it was wonderful to see them fascinated by the beautiful drawings. As many childrens books are computer animated these days it's nice to see some traditional watercolour styles!
Also loved the Gaelic place names as have always wondered how to pronounce these!
Really lovely book!

by Mhiairi

I can tell this was written with a lot of love. What a wonderful idea, educational for both children & adults, I love the illustrations too.

How lovely to keep our native tongue alive & I think it would be fantastic if teachers embrace this book & educate themselves & their students about the Gaelic language.

I wish this book the huge success it deserves & look forward to seeing more from this talented author.

by Mia

I hope this is the first in a series because it was the first time I found a book that taught some Gaelic and how to pronounce it.
The pictures were lovely
I look forward to reading other books by this author.
Highly recommended!

by Anna

Love this book. Being a total novice to Gaelic myself I have loved learning along with my two kids. Easy to follow and understand with the parent notes and fun learning activities included. I love how the author has brought the language to life through the fairy family. This makes my kids want to learn more about them. The book is beautifully illustrated. It’s so refreshing to see the love and attention gone in to publishing this. It’s one to hold on too. Reminiscent of the beautiful illustrations you saw more often in books during my childhood era. Great that my kids can see this style too. My daughter even took it to school for show and tell. I hope there will be a sequel as we all want to see more of the Gael’s and learn some more. Great to keep our language alive. Top class!!!

by Kirstie Dickens

This was such a cute introduction to Gaelic! The illustrations were adorable and the words for the family are a great introduction for any young child to learn. I wish that there had been a bit more about words that young children would need to know early on, such as "milk" or "hungry" and the like. But for a language that is hard to learn and with such few resources, I was glad to see this being published!

by Katee

This small educational children's book is particularly interesting as it's aim is to start teaching Gaelic to children. I did not know any Gaelic and I find it very useful for adults too! This language is not easy to grasp and this is a great idea to try and make its teaching simpler.

by Marie-Helene

A quick, pleasant read that helps children with basic Scottish Gaelic words. The illustration is simple but pleasant, and there's just enough words that children will be able to retain. Overall, a pleasant little book.

by Loanna

An interesting little book. The illustrations are bright and colorful, and should be appealing to little ones. We learn the words for different family members, numbers one through twenty, and several other Scottish Gaelic words and Scottish place names. There are pronunciation guides for each word, and tips on how the phonetic spellings should be pronounced. While this is geared more toward children in the United Kingdom, it would be good for any child interested in other languages.

by April

This book is so magical my children fell in love with it. I did too! It was fun and beautiful and we all actually learned quite a bit! I hope there will be more of these soon!

by January

Catrìona  Zappert

I was born in the north east of Scotland and grew up in Deeside at the feet of the Cairngorms. My great grandparents were Gaels and came from the Highlands. I have a love for the Gaelic language and culture. I am currently studying Gaelic part time through Edinburgh College and am a member of the local Gaelic speaking group.

I am also a keen artist and love illustrating and painting.

I have written and illustrated Na Gàidheil / The Gaels, an Introduction to Scottish Gaelic for Children, parents, teachers and adults who want to learn basic Gaelic words in simple and easy to understand way.

Tha gaol agam air Gàidhlig!!

Catrìona Zappert, Illustrator and Author at Na Gàidheil / The Gaels
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