Troubador My Teachers are Animals

Released: 28/07/2020

ISBN: 9781838593469

Format: Paperback

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My Teachers are Animals


Are schools scary? 
Children behaving like animals?

Well, not at Darwin Woods. Jessica takes us on a tour of her school where the TEACHERS are ANIMALS and the only way to learn is through PLAY! Under the watchful eye of Miss Tweet, Mr Squirt paints with his trunk and the pupils wear trunks as they surf in science. With a sloth for a PE teacher and a pig for a lunch lady, this school has to be seen to be believed. Are you ready to come in and let classes begin?

My Teachers are Animals due for official release May 28, 2020.
More books to follow in 2021!!! Looking for agent ;-)

The Brick Castle

A thoroughly entertaining and fun book. It will keep little ones' attention throughout, with amusing rhyming story-telling and lovely illustrations, it will make every child who reads it wish they attended Darwin Woods School!

by Matt Potterton

Mark Bonner

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