Troubador Mrs. Cauldron, the glamorous witch

Released: 28/11/2016

ISBN: 9781785899850

Format: Paperback

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Mrs. Cauldron, the glamorous witch


Ever felt stuck in a rut, desperately wanting for something different? Well, that’s how Mrs. Cauldron felt as she sat outside her crooked house. She was really down in the dumps. The Halloween ball was that night and all she had to wear was her black dress, black hat and black shoes. Mrs Cauldron knew that all the other witches would be wearing the same. They were happy looking like this, but not Mrs. Cauldron. She wanted to stand out; to be bright and colourful. She wanted to be glamorous; the queen of the ball. But there was no spell to colour her life. Curses thrice! What was she to do? After getting caught in a heavy rain storm she watched from her window, and there, huge and colourful, was a rainbow. Full of inspiration, she took off on her black broom with her cat behind her and took a sample of each colour of the rainbow with the tip of her wand. With these colours and oozing excitement she made her spell. In no time at all her dress became pink, her hat blue to match her shoes and beautiful jewellery shimmered with the sequins on her dress. Now she was ready for the ball. All the witches were there, all in black and chattering away when in walked Mrs. Cauldron. All went quiet as they watched her in awe, then they began to cheer. Mrs. Cauldron smiled a great big smile. She was wonderful. She was incredible. She was glamorous. She was the Queen of the Ball! A fun and light-hearted tale, Mrs. Cauldron, the Glamorous Witch will appeal to children aged 5-7 years.

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