Troubador Mr Oakes's Garden

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781838595524

Format: Paperback

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Mr Oakes's Garden


Mr Oakes’s Garden is a cross-generational writing experience as a grandma and her grandson collaborate on short stories that introduce important life messages bound up with likeable characters. The book helps children to understand life’s up and downs through stories about little garden creatures. Each tale explores love and friendships, playing together, bullying, hopes and fears.

This book unusually reflects on a strong understanding of the health and social needs of children and young people – and is written by an experienced health professional (Anita) and her grandson (Harry), a secondary school pupil. Young children can read the stories with adults and more confident readers can start to tackle them alone.

Anita Fatchett & her Grandson Harry’s book about all the life in Mr.Oakes’s garden - that is people, bugs, flies & pond life sharing a common purpose in ensuring its health & vibrancy.

The story gives children an idea of how much more than they may immediately experience or see in the garden is actually taking place to the mutual benefit of all. It considers relationships between the various participants which raise issues that children need to understand in life.

The illustrations are clear, simple, recognisable & to the point. The font chose is both beautiful & clear for those learning to read.

From the final paragraph I assume there will be a follow up for a Autumn & Winter in the garden.
I am looking forward to it.

by Patsy Cox

I was made aware of Mr. Oakes’s Garden and thought it sounded really fun. I actually bought it for myself to read and found that it was extremely good in making the reader aware of the insects, snails and arachnids that contribute to the health of a garden. It also encouraged organic gardening which I thought was wonderful.

Although I enjoyed this book immensely, it would be very beneficial for reading to a a very young child even up to my age, which is 70.

I highly recommend this book as a must buy to start good reading, as well as good gardening, habits. Anita Fatchett and her grandson Harry together created a very entertaining as well as educational read.

by Camille Barbosa

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