Troubador Mr Oakes’s Garden Again

Released: 28/01/2021

ISBN: 9781800462052

Format: Paperback

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Mr Oakes’s Garden Again


Mr Oakes’s Garden Again introduces positive health messages in an enjoyable way for young children as they start their school lives. The adventures are overseen by Robbie Robin as he tries to keep the garden creatures safe as they face the excitement and danger of colder times during autumn and winter. The stories introduce important topics for young children, such as obeying instructions, thinking of others, being kind, making new friends and finding hope and happiness.

Young children can share and enjoy these stories with adults, while the more confident readers will be able to follow the stories and think about the issues for themselves. The use of garden animals provides a gentle format which can engage a young audience without frightening them, while providing a non-fairytale approach to important topics. 

This second book in the Mr Oakes’s back garden series will aid discussion around a wide variety of sensitive issues which often face young children in their early years at school.

They’ve done it again.
Mr.Oakes & his garden with all the creatures who live there are back plus unexpected visitors. Robbie Robin is in pride of place - organising everyone once Mr.Oakes has gone indoors & Robbie has plenty of opportunities as we follow his adventures through the different seasons. Sarah the skylark poses a real threat with her strong appetite for Warwick & Wanda the worms & is just one of the manny threats which Robbie averts.
Through the various stories we learn lessons from the animals that will enable us to learn about human life as well & how we should live it.
Written by Anita Fatchett & her grandson Harry & beautifully illustrated by Sarah Barry - with clear print which mean a positive story to read to pre-readers, for those learning to read & those who have mastered reading.
Highly recommended.

by Patsy Cox

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