Troubador Monkey and the Mystery of the Missing Whale Jaw

Released: 01/09/2011

ISBN: 9781848767096

Format: Paperback

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Monkey and the Mystery of the Missing Whale Jaw

A Dark Monkey Tale


While on the train home from Edinburgh, Monkey reads a strange article in the paper that describes the disappearance of the famous whale jaw from the top of Berwick Law in North Berwick. That weekend he and his adopted parents, Ian and Doreen, set off for the coast on a trip that will lead Monkey into extreme danger but reveal what has happened to his real parents...

Staying in the picturesque seaside town of Gullane, Ian takes Monkey to see Concorde at the nearby East Fortune air museum where they learn that a very large exhibit has been stolen.?That evening, they see on TV?that the missing whale jaw has now been replaced.?Monkey is now extremely suspicious:?a missing whale jaw that has suddenly been replaced and a stolen rocket from the nearby air museum? Micro-lights flying all over the place add to the fact that something extremely mysterious is underfoot. Monkey sets off to investigate – only to end up in mortal danger from forces that are set on using him in an absurd experiment. What is hidden inside the lighthouse on an island in the middle of the River Forth??What will Monkey find that will make his dreams come true but hurl him into a nightmare situation... and who are the Bad Scientists?

Monkey and the?Mystery of the Missing Whale Jaw is the third book in the A?Dark Monkey Tale series. It will appeal to children from 5-10 years.

Monkey and the Mystery of the Missing Whale Jaw

A missing whale jaw leads to a nasty discovery …

A whale jaw goes missing from a famous landmark. An exhibit disappears from an air museum. What is going on in and around the seaside town of North Berwick? Monkey sets out to uncover what is happening only to find that he is in mortal danger by forces that are set on using him in an absurd experiment. What will Monkey find that will both make his dreams come true yet hurl him into a nightmare situation?
This is the third in a series of Dark Monkey tales.
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The Bookseller Children's Buyer's Guide, Autumn 2011

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Ian Emerson

Have you ever imagined discovering things that nobody else has found? Do you look out the window and think of lazy hot summer days or thought about inventing a rocket pack out of an old vacuum cleaner? If you have, then you will like Dark Monkey Tales. I came to live in Edinburgh when I was 10 years old having been born Solihull near Birmingham.

I think I must have been the luckiest kid in the village as my brother and I lived in an old coaching house surrounded by trees and a number of ruined outhouses. This was a fantastic place to play and let the imagination run wild.

It was also an exciting time as the space-race was just beginning and programmes like Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds were on TV.

My career in the computer industry as a project manager has allowed me to travel widely and work with many well known companies companies.

The most significant event in my life was meeting my wife Doreen who has had to put up with the ups and downs of my overactive imagination. You may notice that Doreen plays a significant role in Monkey’s adventures as she does in my life.

My greatest achievement has been in helping to bring up my two children, Katy, who is now married, and Stephen who is at Stirling University.

I hope that you enjoy the Tales of the Dark Monkey and that it sparks the imagination of whoever reads them, both adults and children alike.

More Monkey tales are in preparation so keep a look out to see what he’s up to next...


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