Troubador Mary Darling

Released: 28/06/2017

ISBN: 9781788035453

eISBN: 9781788031400

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Mary Darling


Mary Darling, L M d’Mello’s eponymous protagonist, was abandoned on hospital steps at birth and spent most of her early years living in care. Things start to look up for her when she is adopted by Tom and Susan, a caring couple who lost their own daughter in an accident. Tom and Susan do their best to make Mary happy, however school bullies are making her life wretched, until an expected ally emerges. Mary’s life is transformed when she discovers that she has unusual and powerful supernatural abilities that she can use to understand and heal animals. She begins a fight to save the animal world from cruelty and extinction, and as her powers mature throughout the books in the trilogy, she must defeat increasingly dangerous enemies, making discoveries about her own abilities along the way. The book ends with Mary discovering that she is to be an animal ambassador and must take on powerful individuals and organisations around the world. L M d’Mello’s debut book explores the importance of animal welfare, a subject that is increasingly highlighted by the media as a result of high-profile individuals, including the Duke of Cambridge and Ricky Gervais, speaking out against trophy hunting and poaching. Mary Darling draws from L M d’Mello’s own involvement with animal charities, and will appeal to animal welfare organisations. It will be enjoyed by readers aged 12-16 years.

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This book is aimed at young adults, however I think many ages will enjoy its warmth and charm. I read this book alongside my 9-year-old daughter who was just as hooked on every chapter as I was. The chapters are short and easy to keep up with for young readers.

The story starts by introducing us to Mary; the Darlings adopted Mary after being left on the hospitals step shortly after her birth. Mary attends Milton Upper School and feels like she is different from the other girls; she soon becomes a target for the bullies and feels very alone. The very confident and outgoing Lizzie notices Mary and the girls soon become great friends. As the girls come closer and their love for animals shines it is made clear that all is not what it seems to be with Mary. Mary has a gift, a gift which is explored throughout the book and makes it a magical read.

I believe this is the first of a trilogy by L M D'Mello, I look forward to enjoy more and finding out what is next in the adventure of Mary Darlings world.

by Kellie Clarke

A fanciful and beautifully written book that works for older and younger readers.

by JD DeHart

I nice story about a young girl estranged from the world finally coming into her own. With a school bully that is truly malicious, a friendship that is life changing and powers that heal this book will change how you see young lives.

by Heather Fellows

I really enjoyed reading this book. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking to lose yourself in a good book. It's unique plot and well put together structure make it a no brainer!! Whether this is your normal reading or not i still think you will absolutely not regret picking this one up. Kudos to the author.

by Amber Koch

We are quickly drawn into Mary Darling’s mystical world of nature when she discovers she possesses supernatural powers that include healing. We join her on the journey to attempt to implement her special gifts but she soon discovers her path is fraught with danger as evil forces are brought into play. How Mary attempts to overcome these setbacks with the help of the eccentric recluse Annie, and her close friend Lizzie and the faithful four-footed friend Laker keeps us glued to the page, willing her on to make use of her special powers to come out on top.

by Paul Taylor

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