Troubador Maisie Daisy

Released: 28/06/2019

ISBN: 9781789017946

Format: Paperback

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Maisie Daisy

Strawberry Fayre


Loved by all her friends, Maisie Daisy is a sweet-natured little girl who brings a touch of warmth and happiness wherever she goes, inviting everyone to join in the fun!  

In Strawberry Fayre, Maisie Daisy and her friends, Penny Petal, Lucy Lavender, Cousin Buttercup and Billy Bluebell visit Berry Lane to pick some delicious strawberries. Stopping for a break and some refreshing lemonade, the friends decide to make strawberry jam to sell at the local village fayre the next day.  

But later on that evening, after they have worked hard on their delicious wares, disaster strikes! The jam has not set and it is too late for Maisie Daisy to do anything more. With a little help and a sparkle of fairy dust, will the friends be able pull together to make their strawberry stall a success?

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