Troubador Magnus and The Jewelled Book of the Universe

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781788035873

eISBN: 9781788031196

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Magnus and The Jewelled Book of the Universe


In S. L. Browne’s debut children’s book, a small boy called Magnus is whisked away from a dying overheated Earth by his mentor Marlo, only to discover that he belongs to a tribe of aliens known as the Guardians of the Universe living in a different dimension. Marlo, a very ancient and disgruntled wizard, has failed to stop the evil Murdamond from destroying Earth through his unquenchable desire for shiny and beautiful things. When Magnus arrives on his home planet, he finds that humans have not yet evolved and that dinosaurs still exist. Marlo tells Magnus that he fears that Murdamond will try to move to this new, healthy planet to steal all of its treasures now that he has ruined the old Earth. Upon their arrival in the Deruweld village, they discover that Murdamond has already arrived and he is holding Magnus’ parents hostage in the dungeon of his brand new castle. Magnus realises he has been tasked with a dangerous and urgent problem to solve. He has to save his home planet, rescue his parents and save the Universe from the ghastly Murdamond and his henchmen. He must use all his wisdom and powers, along with his dinosaur friends and the strange Jewelled Book of the Universe that decides life would be more interesting if it transformed into a girl, in order to defeat Murdamond before it is too late. Magnus and the Jewelled Book of the Universe is the first book in a fantasy trilogy that takes inspiration from Roald Dahl and Dick King Smith. The book contains dinosaurs, space travel and time travel in a humorous and magical story that will appeal to young readers aged 7-9 years. S. L. Browne’s debut book also contains an important message about climate change.

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When I first started reading this book, Roald Dahl immediately came to mind. This was even before I read the publisher’s note on the book. This comparison, to me, serves as a compliment in itself.

Moreover, Magnus and the Jewelled Book of the Universe is dreamy stuff that kids and adults can enjoys. Dinosaurs exist here, books can be sentient, and each chapter is chock-full of adventure. The book flies by and leaves the reader entertained and, as children’s series should, gets the reader ready for more.

I enjoyed this as an older reader and I can picture myself as a child being captivated by this book.

by JD DeHart

In "Magnus and the Jeweled Book of the Universe" an eight year old boy get to go on a journey to a different dimension where he learns he is really an alien. He must now save his home planet from the evil Murdamond.

I enjoyed this book, it had a very cozy feeling to it. The story is fairly original and I enjoyed reading about an alternate dimension, this isn't in my experience all too common in childrens books. The characters could possibly have been better developed but they where still interesting enough to keep on reading. There where some words that might be a bit difficult for middlegraders, but mostly the language was very simple and easy to read. For children this age a bit more action might have been good, but there is still plenty happening. I especially enjoyed the dinosaurs and know that many of my pupils will as well!

by Naomi Kindstrom

I came to this book with an open mind which is a good job as it is rather different. Magnus travels to different universes and finds out things about himself while there.

It touches upon important aspects too such as how greed isn’t good and how humans are caring / not caring for the world, but not in a heavy handed way so you learn a little without having to take too much on board.

Hoping there is another story to continue on from where this one left off

by Denise Cross

Far more interesting and complex than I expected. I think this would be a great read-aloud book with children as some of the diverse topics might need to be addressed as it occurs for full understanding on the story line and character development.

by Kristine Daniels

I bought this book for my 9 year old grandson but had a read before I Christmas wrapped it! Although aimed at children, it was an exciting and easy read with environmental issues tackled in an uncomplicated way. Lovely details of dinosaurs and its a story not just for boys either because there is also a strong female character. Looking forward to reading the second story in the series and discovering what happens next - before I send it to my grandson of course!

by Waterstones Reviewer

I bought this book by a new author for a young member of my family and found II an exciting page turner for children and adults alike Really enjoyed the characters and can't wait for next one in the trilogy to read Magnus's further adventures

by Waterstones Reviewer

Can’t wait for the next book! Each chapter was captivating and full of adventure with even topics such as climate change which would normally be heavy going and may put me off, but instead kept my eyes glued to each page even for a 17 year old reader, so I cannot even imagine how much a child would love it! Highly recommend!

by Goodreads Review

Magnus and the Jewelled Book of the Universe is the kind of children’s book that puts you back in your grade school comfy place to read and not be bothered for a while. A lovely book to give to children and to the child within you.

Imagine if you will, a quiet unassuming life at eight years and three days while eating breakfast in a house on the hill. You are Magnus Tincomarus a young boy with a name as strange as the house he grew up in. While is eating with his mentor Marlo Magnus, his old tutor his grandmother announces he needs to pack a little bag. He is quite surprised as he had up to that day, never really gone anywhere. Where he ends up going, by way of a tornado no less, is another Earth in another dimension that is younger and by jolly, has dinosaurs along with humans. And thus his adventure to stop the evil Murdamond. A wizard who craves all things shiny and new and wants to mine and steal the treasures of this new world unto its death.

Magnus has his work cut out for him. But along the way, he meets delightful dinosaurs, makes friends, and learns the way of magic with the wonderful book. He also finds out for himself just what magics he has as well. The only thing is, can he save this world, his own home planet? Read and see.

by Nancy McCormick-Kovacich

This book was a great read for my 7 yo son and I. The story kept us on our toes wanting to know what happens next and we were so upset that the next book wasn't available yet so we could read the next installment. (We've got the next release date in the calendar) It's refreshing to read a book that kept my son gripped and wanting more. I would recommend this book to both boys and girls and definitely for children who you want to develop a love of books.

by Amanda Weeks

S. L.  Browne

SL Browne is a teacher who spends far too much time imagining, reading, writing and trying to work out how to build a time machine.

SL Browne

Magnus and the Jewelled Book of the Universe
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