Troubador Magic Maguire and The Happy Hat

Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789016932

Format: Paperback

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Magic Maguire and The Happy Hat


Magic Maguire is a loving and helpful little black dog. All dogs are special but this dog has unique powers and performs magic everyday. With a flick of the tail, Magic Maguire helps adults to notice their breath, be accepting of themselves and know that life can be just how they wish it to be. This is an inclusive kind of magic, magic that anyone can perform. You simply need to value yourself and put a few moments aside everyday.

Join Magic Maguire on life enhancing adventures which start with noticing the power of the breath. Begin to fill your life with more calm, love and happiness. When you are feeling the good vibe, you can pass this on to your child. Magic Maguire will guide you both every step of the way, as you discover calm, love, happiness, and vitally the ability to find balance. You will feel safe in the knowledge that when life gets tough you and your child will have the ability to cope.

A unique picture book with pleasing illustrations, some from the Lake District, Magic Maguire and The Happy Hat is an ideal gift for expectant parents, families and children; experienced or new to meditation.

Great book Glynnis,this book can be read to children of any age!! Can’t wait for more

by The Happy People

I worked with children for over 30 years and i think that this book is a wonderful resource for parents to use with their children. It will help chilren to relax and help them to be mindful. It will also help parents to begin to know their child and help them to brcome the unique individual that they are.

by Susan Lee

Glynnis Maguire

Glynnis Maguire lives in The Lake District, with her husband, two sons and their Patterdale Terrier, Nora. She shares the joy of meditation at her A Dove's Life studio, in Windermere. In her spare time she loves to wild swim, practise yoga and walk on the fells.

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