Troubador Lost in Time

Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781803130200

Format: Paperback

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Lost in Time


In this final instalment of Emily's adventures, two problems face her and the Pinks. First: Raphus, world-famous half-parrot, half-dodo is dangerously ill due to the absence of his mother, Tolly, the parrot. She is holidaying on Worango Island back in the 17th Century with Tobias and cannot be contacted. Nothing can save Raphus unless Tolly returns. Second: Hendrik is finding it impossible to settle into life in the 21st century.

When a stranger arrives from Worango and tells the children that Tobias is desperate for their help, they are suspicious. But Hendrik, on hearing his father is there, searching for him, agrees to return with the stranger and the others can't let him go alone.

But nothing is as it seems on Worango. Who can they trust? Have all the pirates drowned, or are some still looking for the precious beans from the Medicine Tree? Where are Tobias and Tolly? Where is Hendrik's father? And where is the cloak which will take them safely home?

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