Troubador Little Professor and his Robot Factory

Released: 28/09/2016

ISBN: 9781785892707

Format: Paperback

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Little Professor and his Robot Factory


This is a compilation of three stories, introducing children to magnetism, electricity and light. They follow the adventures of three of Little Professor’s robots and their little helper friend Scooper Man. Magnet Man: Soon after being created, Magnet Man decided to explore the world outside the factory, but his magnetic properties soon find him attracting a metal sign, a gate, a drainpipe and a car. These give him the appearance of a fearsome monster, which sends the local people scuttling inside their homes. Electric Man:?Magnet Man’s friend, Electric Man can do sums very quickly and is soon put to use in the local school, helping a class teacher. He uses funny voices to make the lessons fun, but when the teacher is away, the children misbehave and he has to teach them a different sort of lesson. Light Man: The third of the best friends, Light Man envies their adventures out of the factory but is soon to have one of his own. When that comes to an end, he involves all three plus Scooper Man in a street party with the now delighted local people. A fun and educational read for children aged 5-7 years old, Little Professor and his Robot Factory will be enjoyed by youngsters who love to read about robots and science.

2014 sees Marianne Parry publishing two books of short stories for children.

The first story, Tales of Wabasso, will be available from 28th August; and the second story, Rusty and Friends, will be available from 28th October.

Tales of Wabasso follows a group of North American Indian children and their tribe. It includes references to traditional customs, words and the environment in which they live, in order to create a vivid and exciting picture of their adventures. Anyone liking traditional stories for children will enjoy this book.

Rusty and Friends follows a group of British children coming to terms with various family issues, that are resolved in surprisingly positive ways. Many children will relate to situations like these.

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The creations of Little Professor (an old inventor with a kid face) are causing quite a stir in the city.
Magnet Man is experimenting with his magnetic properties and frightening people.
Electric Man, instead, helps in the local school and gives the children a lesson beyond summing and spelling.
Finally, together with his robot friends, Light Man involves the city people in a super-party...
"Little Professor and His Robot Factory" is a beautiful book, made up of three well-crafted and inventive stories. The illustrations are bright and colorful. And every story can push the children to invent new adventures and new robots.

by gx

This was a fun read, easy to follow and I can see it being read over and over. The robots are great and I loved the trouble that they got into and how the Little Professor came to the rescue each time. The ending was a great way to finish off the stories.

by Donna Maguire (NetGalley)

Marian Parry

Marianne Parry was born in Pontypridd, South Wales. She attended Pontypridd Girls' Grammar School and Worcester College, and worked for many years as a Primary School teacher. Her literary works include short stories, poems, hymns, folk songs and pantomimes.

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