Troubador LITTLE big Insects: Perm Worm and A Different Day

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781838595258

eISBN: 9781838596439

Format: Paperback/eBook

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LITTLE big Insects: Perm Worm and A Different Day


A colourfully illustrated duo of children’s books take young readers to an animal world where it’s okay to have a disability and be different!

In Perm Worm and A Different Day, we meet Perm Worm who struggles with every day life. You see, Perm Worm has autism which is something that just makes it a little harder for him to cope when anything changes in his day to day life. One day, Perm Worm has a very hard day and he struggles to find a way to show it. Luckily, with the support of his family, there may be a way forward. It just takes a big amount of courage from a small worm. 

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A lovely children’s book. What’s different about this series of books is that they take an issue that can be difficult for children to understand and for parents to explain and normalise it.
All the characters in this book have fun names and the illustrations are fantastic.
The story explains how Perm Worm needs routine in his day and how hard it can be for him when things suddenly change. It explains very well why change is difficult for him and how his friends and family can help him over come the challenges he faces.

My son is a little young to understand the themes in this book but loved the illustrations, they are bright and fun.

I would certainly recommend this book to parents and teachers alike.

by NetGalley review

This book is an exceptional tool for educators and parents alike. The bright, bold and exciting colours used in the illustrations will appeal to young children. The adorable and engaging insect characters will draw them to the story.

The story involves Perm Worm who does not like change. He does the same thing at the same time every single day. He finds making friends at school difficult. He's never quite sure when to do things. He doesn't know when it's okay to laugh. He finds it hard to listen when others are talking.

His problems really start when he has a supply teacher at Grassroutes School. Instead of Sweetle Beetle, he finds Mr. Cough Moth and he doesn't like this. He's very upset when he gets home and doesn't know how to express himself. Mr. Cough Moth has ideas of how Perm Worm can cope better and assists him in his struggle to talk about his feelings.

This book will be valuable to anyone working with children and helping them cope with and express their feelings.

by NetGalley review

This is a cute book about Perm Worm, but I really wanted the words to be along with the illustrations instead of on pages by themselves. I do really love the illustrations and all the bright colors on each page!

by NetGalley review

Perm Worm likes to follow a strict routine. One day his routime gets broken and he struggles to get through his day. I loved the use of emotion cards and how great they made perm worm feel. This is a great story both for entertaining children and improving their self-esteem.

by NetGalley review

Brilliant inspiration to young children. The author has taken inspiration from children with disabilities and focused on inspiring them. Well written and brilliant meaning for a story.

by Helen Davies

This series of books is meant to help parents and caregivers as they navigate their children through difficult issues and feelings that they may have and make them more understandable for the child.

The author has assigned sweet rhyming names to the insect characters and the bright, expressive illustrations will bring the message home.

Perm Worm arises every morning and does the same things, in the same sequence, in the same way, every single day. He loves learning about space and the planets and can talk for hours about his favourite subject but he has a very difficult time relating to the other insects. He finds making friends very troublesome.

"He doesn't know when to laugh with them or when to ask if they are OK." "He finds it even harder to listen to them and not want to talk about space!"

One day his whole world changes. He arrives at school and his familiar teacher is ... gone! A new face, that he has not seen before, peers back at him. This change was humungous to Perm Worm and he lost all ability to concentrate or even eat his lunch that day, he just wanted to go home.

He feels betrayed, abandoned, angry and helpless at this turn of events. Luckily when he returns to Grassroutes School the next day Mr. Cough Moth, the substitute teacher, helps Perm Worm work through his feelings and gives him a strategy to do so. The new temporary teacher had sensed how his struggling student was feeling and came to his rescue.

This book will be a valuable addition in a classroom or elementary school library. Children often need help when sorting out their ever-changing feelings and emotions. It can be used as a conversation starter and be a wonderful support for teaching an important life skill. I highly recommend this book.

by NetGalley review

Perm Worm is Autistic. He likes everything to stay the same every day. He gets up at the same time, puts on the same sock, and eats the same breakfast. He goes to a wonderful school and has a lovely teacher who greats him at the door every day.

One day when Perm Worm gets to school his teacher, Sweetle Beetle, isn’t there to greet him and a different teacher, Mr. Cough Moth, is stood in her place. Perm Worm is confused and doesn’t know how to handle this change causing him distress and upset. He doesn’t understand how to convey his emotions and so when he arrives home he yells at his mum and dad.

The next day the new teacher sits down with Perm Worm and explains why he is there and gives him a way to help him let others know how he is feeling. This makes Perm Worm feel a little better about the change.

Being the parent of an autistic teenager I think this book is such a valuable asset not only for autistic children but for other children to understand how autistic children think and the ways that they view life and issues they have with change. I also think it would be an asset for children who don’t have autism but who have trouble with understanding and sharing their feelings with others.

I loved the full-page illustrations that are brightly coloured and bring the characters to life. Plus I love the pink text which was easy to read. This book would be a wonderful addition to any school library and I now can’t wait to read the other books in the Little Big Insects series.

by NetGalley review

This book is a great book that helps children understand that even if their routine gets changed, life goes on and it's okay not to be okay, but that you will overcome it.
Great to read to children that may have a change coming up.
Cute colourful illustrations too.
Great little book

by NetGalley review

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