Troubador LITTLE big Insects: Clicket Cricket Joins a Band

Released: 28/09/2020

ISBN: 9781838595241

eISBN: 9781838596422

Format: Paperback/eBook

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LITTLE big Insects: Clicket Cricket Joins a Band


A colourfully illustrated duo of children’s books take young readers to an animal world where it’s okay to have a disability and be different!

In Clicket Cricket Joins a Band, there isn’t anything Clicket Cricket wants more than to share his love of music. But he is too shy to do anything about it because he has a stammer that makes him very nervous to speak in front of people - let alone sing! But with his friends’ help, his dream could finally be in reach - if only he has the courage to get up on stage!

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A really lovely children’s book, part of a fun series.
What’s different about this series of books is that they take an issue that can be difficult for children to understand and for parents to explain and normalise it.
All the characters in this book have fun names and the illustrations are fantastic.
In this book Clicket Cricket suffers from a stammer, which makes him feel embarrassed and nervous. Throughout the story he learns that he can do all his favourite things and have fun with his friends and that what could be conceived as a disability, need not hold him back or stop him doing what he loves.

My son loved the illustrations in this book which are all very colourful and clear.

It is nice to find a different type of children’s book.

by NetGalley review

This book is a wonderful tool for educators and parents alike. THe bright and exciting colours used in the illustrations will appeal to children. The adorable and engaging insect characters will draw them to the story.

Clicket Cricket is a shy cricket because he stammers and when he's nervous he stammers even more. Because of this he rarely leaves his home. Through this book children will learn that to be different is to be unique and to be unique makes you powerful. Everyone has differences and we have to accept everyone for who they are.

The book has fun character names that will appeal to children: Perm Worm, Burrito Mosquito, Hearwig Earwig, Fasthopper Grasshopper and Ladybird Bradybird.

This book is a definite 5 stars for it's educational value.

by NetGalley review

Clicket Cricket stutters a lot and has a hard time having conversations. He is sad that he struggles to talk. One night his friend invites him to a concert, and clicket cricket discovers how to be comfortable being himself. I did feel this book was a but too wordy/ long, but overall i loved the message. This is a great story both for entertaining children and improving their self-esteem.

by NetGalley review

Exceptional book! So inspiring for young children with disabilities who think they're different. They are not. They are inspiring individuals who just need to know it is okay to be themselves. The author has captured this perfectly.

by Helen Davies

Exceptional book! So inspiring for young children with disabilities who think they're different. They are not. They are inspiring individuals who just need to know it is okay to be themselves. The author has captured this perfectly.

by Helen Davies

I love that this story features a stuttering cricket, and shows what problems other people have.
My husband actually had a stutter when he was younger and there weren't any books like this around that taught him that he was still perfectly normal , and that there were ways to overcome it.
The illustrations are really cute and colourful and would keep a child's attention.
I love this series of books and what they represent.

by NetGalley review

I thought that this was a delightful little story.

The illustrations in the book are great and I liked how the story was told.

In this story Clicket Cricket gets to overcome his shyness which has been affected greatly by his stammer. It shows that he has a unique voice and can sing really well, and when he is singing he doesn’t stammer – and he has a brilliant singing voice they soon find out!

It is 5 stars from me for this one – very highly recommended and I could love to read the other books in the series!

by NetGalley review

Clicket Cricket is an endearing character who loves music. He is very shy because he stammers when he talks which makes him feel nervous and embarrassed to let his voice be heard. His friend Perm Worm suggests that the two should attend a music concert, performed by The Wormicles, a very popular group. The fans are super excited and they join in with cheering and singing along. The group starts off with one of the songs that every one knows called "In The Soil." After the song finishes Clicket Cricket makes the amazing discovery that while he was singing every word with the lead singer not once did he stammer.... NOT ONCE!

" Not only was Cricket able to sing without his stammer, but he found he was pretty good at singing too. It had given him a new-found confidence."

Boldly he asks his friend Perm Worm if he would like to start their own band. The answer is a resounding YES and The Rhythm and Bugs band is born!

The illustrations are colourful, vibrant and kid-friendly. The message promotes learning and discussion. Kids will get word that uniqueness can be a powerful thing. The book touches on the themes of friendship, acceptance and kindness. It inspires individuals to celebrate who they are created to be. I highly recommend it.

by NetGalley review

What makes him different is what makes him unique and what makes him unique is what makes him powerful. As powerful as his voice.

Clicket Cricket has trouble making his words. He stutters and he has a difficult time putting his words together. When Cricket is invited by his other insect friends to a concert, he finds his voice when he makes his own band.

Does your child struggle finding their voice? This entertaining read might help them find out that they are not alone and that you can find your voice.

by NetGalley review

Just like the other books in this series that I have read, I find the story overlong. However, I do really like this book for looking at Stammers and stuttering. Making it known it’s okay, and something that can be controlled. I come from a family of stutters and when they were young books like this didn’t exist. So they stayed quiet. In this time, with a former VP and hopefully soon to be president with a stutter, it’s nice to see more things that say, this is okay.

by NetGalley review

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