Troubador Lily and the Yellow Umbrella

Released: 28/09/2022

ISBN: 9781803132952

Format: Paperback

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Lily and the Yellow Umbrella


“This is such an amazing Umbrella!” shouted Lily, “I can’t imagine why anyone would throw it away! I’m so lucky.”

?Lily and the Yellow Umbrella is a joyful tale about a girl who sees the life in an old umbrella. The umbrella gets turned inside out, buffeted by the wind and rain, and even run over by a van. No matter how broken the umbrella gets, Lily thinks that it is an amazing find, which has lots of uses… By the end of the book, Lily even gives it new life by turning it into a new hat!

An uplifting and warm story, Lily and the Yellow Umbrella  teaches children about resourcefulness, upcycling and recycling in a light and playful manner that leads into thinking about sustainability. If your child likes sewing, making things and adventures then this book is for them!

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