Troubador Mary’s Butterflies – Les papillons de Marie

Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781800464247

Format: Hardback

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Mary’s Butterflies – Les papillons de Marie


A story, told through the eyes of an older sister, about her little brother’s disability, and the impact on his daily life. Through the metaphor of butterflies the character of the little girl expresses her love, her fears, her hopes for her younger brother.

This book is a call for tolerance and encourages a discussion about diversity.

The butterflies play an important role in this children’s book and appear always in colour unlike the other illustrations which have been drawn in black ink.

A joyful book, sensitively written, delicately illustrated and bilingual English-French

What a wonderful book - we love it! Such an inspiring story written by Mercedes Delor, beautifully and sensitively illustrated by Isabel Balboa's drawings. Very highly recommended!

by Angie Stride

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