Troubador King of Dragons

Released: 28/08/2021

ISBN: 9781800464698

Format: Paperback

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King of Dragons

Book 2 of the Ashridge Adventures


Rumour has it that something is amiss at the castle and Elvie, a princess and now a fully-fledged dragon rider is to investigate using the secret passageways in the castle. Zuth, her dragon partner will be high in the sky ready to give her aid should she need it. In the depths of the dungeons in the castle, she is shocked to find someone who desperately needs rescuing – someone she knows very well.

Flint, her friend, another dragon rider who used to be a servant at the castle is disturbed to hear that Elvie might be going into danger without him, however he is very surprised when he is sent away on his own mission without his dragon, Astaria but riding Rufus, a young and untested dragon who is actually bonded with Brutus, Elvie’s stepbrother. This is to be a learning curve for the two of them but, of course their journey does not run as smoothly as expected when they come under attack and Rufus is pierced by a poisoned dart.

The story moves swiftly on to the stunning mirrored ballroom in the castle. Elvie accompanied by Brutus is invited to attend a masked ball, something which has not occurred for years and years. The question is: is it a trap? Can Elvie make the most of this opportunity to investigate further into the troubles at the castle and should she trust Brutus? What is it that the dark elves are searching so eagerly for in the forest and who is behind the troubles? Could it be the evil Blackheart? Why are the dark elves massing around a small lake between the two dragonholds? Who is friend and who can be trusted? Read on and find out!

Pleased to announce that the third book in the McDragon series if now available./ It's called McFinnia and as with the other books in the series is set on the magical Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides.

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Pam Howard

I live in the beautiful Chilterns where my large labradoodle and I are often out and about dragon hunting. Sometimes we let my husband come along too.

Stories have filled my head for most of my life and its thrilling to finally be able to share them.

Pleased to meet you!

My dragon muse!
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