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Released: 28/02/2019

ISBN: 9781789017656

eISBN: 9781838598686

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Kill or Cure



He could save the world, or destroy it…

The virus that has swept the Earth hasn’t consumed Tommy, yet, but as his hunger for human flesh takes hold, his humanity vanishes behind the bloodlust of an infected. It’s up to seventeen year old Alyx and her friends to find answers. But saving her little brother isn’t their only problem. Lurking in the shadows of Alhena is the formidable General Sinter, hell-bent on capturing the boy with unrivalled superhuman strength for his own personal gains. With limited options, Alyx has no choice but to risk everything to protect him. A choice that she could live to regret

Kill or Cure Bloodlust is the second book in the Kill or Cure series. Brimming with suspense, romance and heart pumping action. 

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Like its predecessor this it isn't your stereotypical run of the mill, zombie apocalypse novel, I thoroughly enjoy the way Pixie takes the zombie genre and gives it her own unique twist. It does have zombies but it is also loaded with, Family bonding and their willing to overcome any obstacle that may come in between them. The dynamic between three of the main characters creates a well-developed and complex love triangle. Again, this book isn’t just about survival but how to keep your family together in the disastrous consequences of the apocalypse.

I fell in love with Kill or Cure and couldn't wait to read the second book and the wait was worth it. Bloodlust picks up right where the first book left off and continues to follow Alyx as she continues to battle the infected. But now we have a couple of added bonuses of military tyrants and good old-fashioned gangsters. Axle is seventeen and despite all the events from the first book, you can still tell she’s a teenager, unlike some dystopian books where you need to remind yourself the age of the main characters.

I love Alyx’s character growth she’s still kickass but even more so as she has to protect her brother Tommy and with Pixies writing you’re right there with them. The virus hasn’t consumed Tommy…yet. However, the “delightful” General Sinter is determined to capture him for his own malevolent schemes. My emotions were everywhere I wanted to protect Tommy and I want to punch other characters.

The book pulls you into a new world and once you are there it’s hard to leave. If it wasn’t for the 6 nations rugby, I would have finished this book in one sitting. I adore Pixie’s books because they are so effortless to read as they are well developed and easy to picture. I really don’t know how Pixie does it but the balance between the character and story development is delightful and a joy to read. The journey through the desert and back streets to Alhena delivers an epic dystopian landscape that’s easy to picture. Keeping the characterisation and story growth balanced while having this book set against a busy world that has been destroyed by an infection that turns people into zombies and the uninfected located in walled cities is magical to read.

I don’t think I can recommend this series enough and if you haven’t read the first one please check it out. The series is worth a read just to get a new take on the Zombie genre or if you’re a fan of zombies with some comedy thrown in for good measure.

by Readers Enjoy Authors' Dreams

After reading book one in the series, read my review HERE, I could not wait to just jump right into this one! I adore all the characters and the story line itself. This is a post apocalyptic zombie read….but…the story is not all about a group trying to evade the evil dead. There is so much more going on here and although they do encounter the brain eaters, it is few and far between.

There was so much more action in this installment. It was literally non. stop. Every time you thought the group was going to get a break, think again because lurking behind every corner was something or someone trying to stop them for their own personal gain.

I very much admired Alyx in this book and loved the way she had grown from a young girl into a young woman whom is looked at as a leader. She really took control and realized that she is stronger as a person than she ever thought could be possible. I also had a huge fondness of Winter and I would LOVE a novella from her POV from before she met the group. She is definitely a kick ass female that often gets over looked because she seems so shy and timid. She is not either of those things and has surprised some of our much hated villians in the most amusing ways.

With the group trying to race the clock to save Tommy, I am so nervous as to what will come next. I cannot wait for the next installment and will jump on it straight away as soon as it is in my hot little hands!

Thank you to author, Pixie Britton, for the review copy in exchange of my honest review.

by Heather - Nightly Reading

Great characters, including a fantastic female protagonist!

Gotta love a good series where the lead character is a layered young woman, who is smart as she is brave, and is as bad-ass as they come!

In this second thrilling installment of the Kill of Cure series, Alyx is desperately trying to get her brother the help he needs. As his bloodlust and craving for human flesh starts to takeover, Alyx, along with her motley crew of friends, take a risky journey to Alhena in order to find the one person who can help them.

I am loving these books guys! This one especially! There is so much action, and everyone has to step out of their roles in order to achieve their mission, which is fantastic because as far as I’m concerned, good characters need to evolve, in order for a series to thrive. Trust me, there are no stagnant characters here. Even Winter (love her so much!), is starting to develop new traits and skills. Of course, Tommy is trying to hold onto his humanity for as long as he can, but his physical evolution is very frightening.

Great writing, tons of action, amazing characters, all set in a terrifying post-apocalyptic world, where the undead aren’t even the most dangerous thing to watch out for. What more can you ask for?


Pixie Britton

By day, Pixie Britton is a Treasury Analyst for a corporate broker in London, by night, she's a Wattpad extraordinaire and indie author. Her debut novel Kill or Cure has gained international success online with over 100k reads in five months.

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