Troubador Joey

Released: 28/02/2020

ISBN: 9781838592349

eISBN: 9781838597818

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Joey is a little yellow aeroplane with a bright red nose who lives on the small island of Guernsey. He loves flying more than anything and it’s what he does best. One sad day, Joey is told that he is no longer fit to fly and he is heartbroken. He has to move to a play barn, leaving his best friends Dash and Dornie behind at the airport. 

In the play barn, to which he is retired, Joey is suspended from the ceiling by cables, leaving him without the freedom to fly. He is lonely and frightened, until Brick, a kind and trustworthy kiln, finds and befriends him. Brick, who almost always feels ‘utterly potterly and totally brickety’, knows of fairies who make magic—the Pouque Fairies. The 12 Pouque Fairies, each ‘larger than a moment, but smaller than a thought’, live at The Fairy Ring on the southwest coast and Brick believes that their magic might just make it possible for Joey to fly again. Join Joey and Brick on their wondrous adventure as they discover the meaning of friendship, the value of kindness and the power of hope.

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The Brick Castle

Have just read this book to my 8 year old step son and it was thoroughly enjoyed! Would highly recommend.

by Oli

This story is a real page turner, thorough excitement and adventure right from the get-go. The characters burst into life and should be read by all children. I hope Dana writes more! Five stars!

by Jules

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