Troubador Invincible Voices: Medium Shorts

Released: 28/04/2017

ISBN: 9781788036498

Format: Paperback

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Invincible Voices: Medium Shorts


Legendary beasts and mythological monsters: a Quadropythonus, a Kraken and a Colosollus to name but a few; a shipwrecked rabble of pirates; a seventeenth-century tennis-playing ghost; a witch whose pungent feet are more evil than her spells; a miniscule yet mighty dragon; bad guys and robbers with super-spies and heroes at their heels, a football star with a confidence crisis; and a boy left alone in the future with just his malfunctioning mechanical tortoise for company… These are just some of the ideas that our children have storified for you, in their most invinciblest of voices. These stories are for children by children. We know this is the stuff that children want to read because children have chosen to write it.

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