Troubador I Want to be Me

Released: 15/10/2018

eISBN: 9781789012583

Format: eBook

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I Want to be Me


Bullying, including cyber bullying, is an increasing problem among young people and can have a devastating effect on them, as they are generally unprepared for it. Little suitable material is available, however, to help them gain a better understanding of bullying, and most especially, of ways of dealing with it. This book explores the issue of bullying through the experiences of a thirteen-year-old girl who is targeted at school because she is different.

The story, which centres around the young girl’s involvement in a contest between opposing groups of musicians, emphasizes the importance of being yourself and of being confident about your own identity, whatever that is. Moreover, the relationships in the story and the way in which they are developed highlight the importance of good communication between family and friends and the value of their support.

Intended for the pre-adolescent reader (9-14 years), the book presents an interesting narrative with a mix of drama and humour. It would provide teachers and educators, as well as parents, with a useful resource for discussing the subject of bullying with their children.

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