Troubador Hester, Huckleberry and the Sugar House Hauntings

Released: 28/09/2017

ISBN: 9781788035545

eISBN: 9781788031929

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Hester, Huckleberry and the Sugar House Hauntings


Mark Roland Langdale’s third children’s book is a wacky and wonderful read that debunks the stigma of dyslexia. Hester, Huckleberry and the Sugar House Hauntings is a coming of age tale between Hester and Huckleberry who encounter a haunted sugar house, a haunted steamboat named the grey lady (who, when she puts her mind to it, can fly!), a flying ice cream bicycle cart, and a whole host of dark and magical creatures. Having suffered with dyslexia his whole life, Mark’s stories also share an important message about encouraging a love of reading and writing in those who also experience difficulty with words. His previous book Penny Farthing and the Man in the Moon also confronted issues surrounding autism – a common theme as Mark delves into real life issues that are affecting young children today. Full of wildly colourful illustrations, Mark’s stories encapsulate the true essence of a joyful children’s book that appeal to children age 8 and over. With more magic and mystery than you can shake a stick at, this book is a truly eye-opening and enjoyable read.

I recieved a free digital copy of this book from Netgalley for an honest review.
The illustrations are great and its a quick, easy read. The book is full of magic and mystery that will hold the readers attention through the more serious parts of the story.

by Jennifer Muller

I liked that dyslexia was a part of the story line. It normalizes learning disabilities for readers who don't have such difficulty, making it less strange to them (and hopefully more sympathetic). A cute little story that I think my students would enjoy!

by Janette Forman

Not a bad story. I think it will appeal to children 4th grade up. It covers dyslexia very well, the only book I can think of that actually speaks of it actually. But also will appeal to the kids with its mystery story and characters. It's actually a a fine tale I think all kids will enjoy. Easy, quick read. Maybe something for over a vacation or long weekend.

by Catherine Hankins

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