Troubador Hamsters Don't Get Lost

Released: 28/09/2021

ISBN: 9781800464438

Format: Paperback

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Hamsters Don't Get Lost


Hamsters don’t get lost - they go on adventures!

Florence is a little girl who loves her cheeky pet hamster, Chewie. One very busy morning, Florence’s mother forgets his cage door open, and he escapes into the great outdoors. Chewie is no ordinary hamster. He dreams of adventures and faraway places, but most of all, he wants to become a bird watcher.

Florence learns how to cope with her pet's loss and how to look out for love in the smallest of details. The story encourages children to imagine their beloved pets watching over them while having magnificent adventures.

What do you think your pet dreams of? Did you lose someone or something you love? Do you miss someone? Don’t forget: LOVE DOESN’T GET LOST!

This is the first book in a series about loss, love, and hope. Tianna Okechukwu wrote this book for all the children who lost a beloved pet, hoping to help them cope with their grief. Both characters are real-life heroes, and they have a very special place in Tianna’s heart.

Ipswich Star

Ipswich Star

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