Troubador Guernsey Pouque Adventures

Released: 28/01/2020

ISBN: 9781838592615

Format: Paperback

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Guernsey Pouque Adventures


Did you know that the fairy folk of the Channel Islands are just as active today as they have ever been? Each island has its own witch and colony of fairy men, similar to pixies who are called pouques. They are tiny men and women, the size of toddlers, with orange hair and green clothes. They are shape shifters and can change into rocks and animals. They speak Guernsey French in the book, and translations are available.

Only children can see them, and they are very mischievous but have a kind heart. 

In this book, the Guernsey pouques interact with modern day children Sammy and Jacob Robilliard and cause chaos on the island of Guernsey. The pouques decide to go on holiday in one adventure and meet up with a Cornish pisky to cause double trouble at the Eden project. 

This book gives a lovely insight into the places and events that take place throughout the year, with rich descriptions of the places and events as they unfold on the lovely island of Guernsey and you can even visit the places mentioned in the stories.

Adults will enjoy reading these stories to their children, but the children can also read them on their own.

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