Troubador Gracie’s Forest Adventure

Released: 28/07/2021

ISBN: 9781800464308

Format: Paperback

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Gracie’s Forest Adventure


Gracie is five years old and lives in Hedgehog Crescent. She has a magic hat that can transport her and her friends into a fantasy world where exciting adventures happen. Gracie’s friend Arin and his little sister Bala also live in Hedgehog Crescent. In this story their ginger cat, Purrfect, has died. Gracie and her friends are upset. Gracie pulls on her magic hat and the children escape into an imaginary world, entering a forest where they embark on an adventure.

First, they spot a rabbit and a mole and follow them deep into the forest, where they come across a small gathering of woodland animals. The colourful and original illustrations bring to life the characters of the delightful animals, as they cope with the death of their friend, Squirrel. The vet is a strong, solid and kind badger and the owl, true to all owls, is wise and able to explain about life to the little animals. Meanwhile the mole prefers to hide away, burying down under the ground and the angry hedgehog demands to know why Squirrel has died. Tension builds in the forest, as the animals prepare to say goodbye to Squirrel and a fox slinks by.

When the sun starts to set, the children return to reality. They arrive safely back in Arin and Bala’s garden ready to say goodbye to Purrfect. Inspired by their forest adventure, the children create a beautiful memorial to remember the fun they used to have, playing together with the little cat.

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