Troubador Gertie the Mermaid's Birthday Adventure

Released: 28/05/2021

ISBN: 9781800463264

Format: Paperback

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Gertie the Mermaid's Birthday Adventure


Gertie the Mermaid is a little girl just like any other. The only difference is that she has a tail, and lives in the sea. 

Our story begins on the night before Gertie’s birthday. Mumma Mermaid tells Gertie that she’ll be allowed to swim a little further out now that she’s older, and she gives her daughter some excellent advice about how to stay safe when exploring along the coastline. 

Gertie, however, has other ideas, and decides to ignore her mother’s wise words. Soon she is having the biggest adventure of her life as she is chased down the river by land folk, and finally gets caught up in a fishing net. 

Luckily Gertie comes through it all safely and gets home just in time for her birthday party to begin.

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Amanda Severn

Amanda Severn lives with her husband and children in a small Sussex coastal town. She has always loved to write and has tried her hand at everything from poetry to blogging. More recently she has joined forces with the illustrator Emilia Cornwell to create the character 'Gertie the Mermaid' in a series of children's books.

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