Troubador Frederick the Mouse

Released: 28/03/2018

ISBN: 9781788035743

Format: Paperback

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Frederick the Mouse

Davinci's Desk


A mouse who is small in size, but big in heart takes centre stage in John McEwan-Whyte’s debut children’s book. Frederick the mouse resides in the famous Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum along with his best friend, Jeremy the elephant. Using his quick wit, mischievous nature and cheeky grin, Frederick finds new adventures everywhere, all under the watchful eye of the museum janitor, Henry. In Davinci’s Desk, Frederick investigates the appearance of a new exhibit to the museum; the very desk that Leonardo Davinci used to create his artistic masterpieces. One priceless broken drawer later and Frederick finds himself transported to 15th century Florence, where he falls under the care of the great thinker himself. As readers follow the large-eared explorer on his journey, they learn more about the famed Davinci, how Frederick played an important part in the creation of the most famous painting in the world and how important friendship is to a person whether they be a bushy-bearded inventor or a cheese-inclined mouse. Frederick the Mouse is a heartwarming tale of adventure and friendships, which also covers interesting subjects ranging from Italian phrases to mathematical ratios. Readers are left with more knowledge than when they embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime with their new favourite character, Frederick the mouse. Designed to be a book for young readers to grow up with, Frederick the Mouse contains a number of beautiful illustrations that will captivate readers’ attention. It will appeal to a wide range of young readers, particularly those that enjoy animal and adventure stories.

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John McEwan-Whyte

John McEwan-Whyte is a young writer based in London originally from Glasgow, a city that captured his heart and seeps into all his writing. After studying physics at Glasgow University John went on to have a successful career as a playwright, and has recently branched into screenwriting and children’s books.

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