Troubador Fowl

Released: 28/08/2020

ISBN: 9781838595166

eISBN: 9781800466708

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Bert loves playing football. He dreams of being a professional footballer for his local side West Farthing F.C. There is just one problem. Bert is a chicken.

Bert lives on Manor Side Farm where the other chickens make fun of him for being different – a chicken should not play football, they say – but despite this, it is still Bert’s dream. After a chance visit to the farm by Gerald Fox, the manager of West Farthing F.C., Bert is talent spotted and offered a try out. Gerald wants Bert to be their secret weapon in an upcoming game… 


Shaun's first ever book is a story about a chicken called Bert who dreams of playing football for his favourite team, West Farthing F.C. All the other chickens mock Bert for his dream but, after a chance meeting with West Farthing's manager, Gerald Fox, Bert's life is changed forever.

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Fowl is an engaging little football story right out of the Roy of the Rovers locker. This is a very entertaining and heart-warming little book. Not very long and should hold the children’s attention quite easily.
There is a lot of excitement to be had and a few morals to be taught, specifically about loyalty, friendship and brotherly love.
If I had one fault to find with the book, it would be that it could have used a few pictures or drawings. It is just a thought.
Fowl is definitely a book that I will be suggesting for the Library shelf and for friends and family.

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This is a perfect book for children that love football. It is exciting, a lot is happening, and it is also heartwarming. And the main message is just perfect. I wish there were illustrations to go with it.

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Shaun McMahon

Shaun works is an IT Technician at a junior school in Northamptonshire. He's been writing assembly

plays and short scripts for many years, which are sold worldwide.

Shaun McMahon

Fowl - Shaun McMahon
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