Troubador Flat Squirrel

Released: 28/06/2018

ISBN: 9781789013351

Format: Paperback

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Flat Squirrel


An uplifting children’s story about overcoming obstacles and working as a team.
The animals all have their own personal struggle to overcome.
Encourages children to reserve judgement as the animals have parallels to human behaviour.

In a land similar to New England, humans cut down the biggest beech tree and threaten the flying squirrels’ nut supply. Duggan worries they’ll starve. To find more, he crosses the busy highway and he almost gets flattened by a motorbike.

He meets new friends in the forest who help him out, when they’re not fighting over a carrot or potato from their vegetable patch.

All Duggan wants to do is to get home. He builds devices to cross the highway but it’s harder than he thought. The animals raid the commercial bakery, which churns out an endless feast of cakes and the flour, fat, sugar combo changes everything. Gopher twins Luca and Milo power up the metal pathway and Milo falls in the dough hopper. 

Can Duggan get them out of there? Fatter from stuffing doughnuts, the animals don’t move as fast as they used to!

FLAT SQUIRREL Paperback published 12 June. EBook published 22 June. Available for pre-order on iTunes at half price.
Update: 8 October. FLAT SQUIRREL the screenplay, SILVER AWARD WINNER at HOLLYWOOD SCREENPLAY CONTEST (Family Film). Flying high!


The Brick Castle

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Fiona Faith Ross

Fiona Faith Ross is a British native who grew up in a family of readers and writers. Privileged to be taught English by her Dad, she was schooled in the best traditions of English, Irish and French literature. She writes mostly YA, fantasy fiction and supernatural thrillers in long fiction and screenplay formats. She lived in Spain for several years and speaks Spanish. After coming home, she earned a BSc in Information Technology from the Uni of Reading (UK) and graduated in 2010. More recently, she studied with Jacob Krueger Studio in New York and went on their Costa Rica screenwriting retreat in 2016, a life-changing experience. In that same year, she wrote a supernatural thriller for an LA production company. WereTeen, her second screenplay, won Platinum Award for Original Screenplay at the Miami Beach Film Festival 2018. She likes cinema, reading, travel and techy stuff. From a drawerful of scribbling yet to see the light of day, Flat Squirrel is her second published novel and her third screenplay. She does not have cats.

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