Troubador Felipe & Esmeralda go to The Galapagos!

Released: 15/04/2018

ISBN: 9780903372176

Format: Paperback

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Felipe & Esmeralda go to The Galapagos!


A beautifully illustrated duo of children’s books engage two pairs of adventurous kids with a quirky exotic wildlife and a humorous re-imagining of the Greek gods

Felipe and Esmeralda have a special dream, to travel from their home in Ecuador to the far-away islands of the Galapagos. But they have no money, so how will they get there?

This is the story of how they make their journey, through many hazards and adventures, and of all the amazing animals and natural wonders that they discover in the magical Galapagos Islands!

Published by Format Books, 2018.

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Paul Watkins

Paul Watkins' writings for children include a BBC TV play and a Western adventure for Collins. He has also worked as a graphic designer, as art editor of Animals magazine and designer of numerous illustrated books. His travel writing includes articles for national dailies and a travel memoir, 'The Tomatoes of Wrath' (Format Books, 2007).

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