Troubador Fed-up the Cat

Released: 28/09/2016

eISBN: 9781785898235

Format: eBook

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Fed-up the Cat


“What big eyes you’ve got. What a big wet nose you’ve got.

What big teeth you’ve got. Yuck, and what horrible bad breath you’ve got!”

Children’s story Fed-Up The Cat follows the journey of a mischievous kitten’s adventures with six-year-old, Bonnie.

One day, Bonnie spots a fed-up looking cat sitting in the window and starts to feel sorry for him. Determined to make the cat happier, she introduces herself to ‘Fed-Up’ and before long, they form the most beautiful friendship. Playing in the park with Fed-Up fills Bonnie with joy, however, overwhelmed by being outside in all the fun, Fed-Up feels very mischievous and he starts to cause lots of trouble...


Will Bonnie teach Fed-Up to behave? Can he ever be trusted outside? Follow Bonnie and Fed-Up’s adventures in this light-hearted, fun animal tale.

Fed-Up The Cat is a fun animal tale, with lovely illustrations by Ian R Ward. It is ideal for children aged between five and seven that enjoy stories with animals. Throughout the novel, Danny explores themes of bullying, making it a great read for primary school teachers who are looking for stories that contain a moral.

This is very nice for the young children to read at school and at home .

by melissa mouro

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