Troubador Ellimas

Released: 28/01/2016

ISBN: 9781785890659

Format: Paperback

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Ellimas, a day that celebrates the birth of springtime and the promise of summer, is kept very much a secret, and a celebration that only fairy folk enjoy. Let me unfold the secrets of Ellimas, open the doors to Mallowbrook Hollow, and introduce you to a special kind of fairy folk called dewbies... Every morning during spring and summer, dewbies climb aboard their pet dragonflies and fly up and over the plants in our gardens, dusting them with the finest and clearest dewdrops from their tiny silver spoons. Each precious droplet is filled with mysterious beauty, childlike innocence and the purest, happiest thoughts. It is only when evil tries to take that happiness away that the dewdrops turn cloudy and grey. Meet Elliot’s family and friends the dewbies and mingle with the other fairy folk who call Mallowbrook Hollow their home. Learn how Elliot’s adventure into the Weeping Woods introduced her to the banished neenarks and how a special celebration, in honour of this brave little dewbie, began. The enchanted world of Mallowbrook Hollow is a land of mystery and wonder, with many magical creatures waiting to meet you. So let us discover them together and join in the celebration of Ellimas, learning that sometimes we all need to rely upon our family and friends in times of need.

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Wendy  Elliot

W.V.J Elliott was born in February 1965 and spent her early years growing up in London. At the age of 14 years old, Wendy and her family moved out of London and started a new life in Milton Keynes and this is where she still lives to this day with her husband, 4 dogs and a cat.

Forever fascinated by her father's love of magic and the world of make-believe, she was always encouraged to explore her creative mind.

As she moved into adult life, Wendy began many a bedtime story for her own 3 children, with a few ideas, lots of imagination and the belief that a magical world of make believe lives in all of our hearts, just sometimes you need to look a little harder to find it.

Ellimas is the first story in the Mallowbrook Hollow series, so let us enter the magical world of Mallowbrook Hollow together and I’ll introduce you to the characters who live there.
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