Troubador Effel

Released: 28/01/2018

ISBN: 9781788037549

Format: Paperback

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McDragon – Book 2


• Continuing the successful McDragon series set on the beautiful Isle of Harris 
• McDragon (ISBN: 9781788032643) has had an excellent response on the Isle 
• Raises the issue: what turns a young boy into a bully? 
• For children of 7 and upwards  

McDragon has disappeared without a trace! As dragonkin, Petersmith, as the dragons call him, now finds he is tasked with discovering what on earth has happened to the big black dragon. He is aided in his quest by a most unlikely person. 

Spit, Peter’s dragon friend was keeping Peter up to date on the mystery of McDragon but the dragon scale they use to communicate through has been lost or stolen. Peter suspects bully boy, Biffy, of taking it while they were on a field trip with the school. 

One day, Peter notices that the end of a rainbow moves and he goes to investigate. To his enormous surprise a very old dragon emerges from the rocks. She is called Effel and is a dragon seer and she was the one who had moved the end of the rainbow. She too is concerned about McDragon and takes Peter, in dragon time, to the island where the other dragons live.  

While they are on the island the evil squawkins drop a surprise parcel and fly away. The smell is familiar – it smells of McDragon. 

Can Petersmith discover where McDragon has gone and find a way to rescue him?

Pleased to announce that the third book in the McDragon series if now available./ It's called McFinnia and as with the other books in the series is set on the magical Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides.

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Pam Howard

I live in the beautiful Chilterns where my large labradoodle and I are often out and about dragon hunting. Sometimes we let my husband come along too.

Stories have filled my head for most of my life and its thrilling to finally be able to share them.

Pleased to meet you!

My dragon muse!
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