Troubador Dinosaurs Shouldn't Eat Kitchen Playsets

Released: 28/11/2017

ISBN: 9781785897832

Format: Paperback

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Dinosaurs Shouldn't Eat Kitchen Playsets


Dinosaurs Shouldn’t Eat Kitchen Playsets is a light-hearted, amusing story for children aged 4-6 years from writer and illustrator Anne Stimson. When Mum pops next door, Ellie and Tom hear a terrible noise coming from Ellie’s room. They can hear crashing and banging, growling and snarling, slurping and burping. Opening the door, Ellie and Tom are confronted with none other than a fearsome looking dinosaur! He’s eating Ellie’s brand new kitchen playset and he won’t give it back. “I’m hungry!” cried the Dinosaur. Ellie and Tom chase the Dinosaur down the stairs and all around the garden but when the Dinosaur breaks his tooth he won’t stop crying. Ellie's kitchen playset is all chewed up and the toaster, kettle and saucepans have gone. Tom and Ellie are soaked from his tears, the rugs and chairs are starting to float, the place is an absolute mess. Ellie and Tom have got to stop the Dinosaur crying before Mum gets back. Cue Ellie’s brilliant idea. Twisting a long piece of strong around Dinosaur’s broken tooth, Ellie ties it to the door handle, but their idea doesn’t quite go to plan. It’s only when something totally unexpected happens that Dinosaur stops crying. Dinosaurs Shouldn’t Eat Kitchen Playsets has colour illustrations throughout making for a beautiful read for young children. Ideal for children aged 4 and over this book is comparable to works by Oliver Jeffers and Anna Kemp.

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