Troubador Devil’s Mist

Released: 28/03/2020

ISBN: 9781838592660

Format: Paperback

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Devil’s Mist


It starts typically enough. A camping trip with a friend’s family, with a campfire to sit around and tell scary stories - except Rosie’s dad says this one is true. According to legend, the house across the lake hosts a strange curse, a missing daughter and a threat that anyone who ventures close will meet the same fate. Rosie and Jenny shrug the story off, but as events escalate, it becomes crystal clear that the curse is real and someone else is the next target. 

Although they try to deny the truth, a note from an unlikely source confirms their deepest fears. Lies unravel, allies form and the truth about what happened back then threatens to come to light. But one answer remains shrouded, haunting all involved: Will they escape the mist before it comes for them or are they doomed to be lost forever?

Luna's Little Library

Devil's Mist by Liam Moiser is a short preteen story. Rosie and Jenny have gone on a camping trip with Rosie’s dad. Around the campfire, Mr. Brown tells the girls a story about the Devil’s Mist, about a cursed family whose daughter disappeared. After they get home, Rosie overhears her father talking to a woman and realizes that the curse surrounding the missing girl, Lucy, is failing and Rosie is the new target. Jenny and Rosie need to figure out what to do next. A new teacher arrives at the school at the same time as Lucy is coming to terms with the fact that she might have to stay in the future. Can she help Rose and Jenny? Will she ever escape the mist? Will Rosie’s father regret what he did? And who is the new teacher?

Devil’s Mist by Liam Moiser was a bit of a strange mixture of the paranormal, wizards and witches. It is a good story; it starts strong, right into the story straight away, and it continues in that vein. The story moves fairly quickly and a great deal of detail is included in the story, along with lots of action and some good dialog. The characters are well defined and likable, and the story is about the right length. The ending leads me to believe there may be a second book at some point. Overall not a bad story although I think it would benefit from a few illustrations dotted throughout, just to bring more life to the story; I think it is well written for its intended audience though.

by Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite

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