Troubador Dancing Paws of Magic

Released: 28/05/2017

ISBN: 9781788036870

Format: Paperback

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Dancing Paws of Magic


Deep in the countryside near Plucker’s Bottom stands Pluckerslea Hall, an English stately home dating back to the thirteenth century. Visiting furless folk are unaware of the secret tunnels that run beneath, and the music rooms, dormitories, dance studios and theatre fitted out for occupants of a much smaller stature. The occupants are cats! Cats wearing tights, tutus, make-up and wigs, and cats performing in ballets like Coppelia and Swan Lake. But when a beautiful gypsy cat warns of impending doom and trouble comes from the ruthless Bruiser Bumfluff, his fiendish crows and the cut-throat Black Treacle Farm Gang, the cats stop dancing, leaving their ballet master, Erico Poochetti the Shih Tzu, in tears. The future looks bleak for the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company as an evil being plots revenge, lurking in the shadows and watching their every move. Can the ghostly presence of a magical Irish Lepremogg restore the cats’ amazing dancing paws of magic? Inspired by the books of Pamela Brown, Noel Streatfield and Gladys Malvern, the second book in Maria McArdle’s Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company series tells of a friendship between animals that would otherwise be enemies and their fears and determination to preserve their magical way of life. Dancing Paws of Magic contains a number of Maria’s own beautiful illustrations and will be enjoyed by children aged 9-11 years with a love of dancing, theatre and cats, as well as fans of her first book, Introducing the Pusska Moggyinsky Ballet Company.

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This is a whimsical and sweet story about a troupe of ballet dancing cats who lose the desire to dance. They have been given their talent and ambition through magic and the magic is wearing off. Thankfully the ghost of a lepremog (the feline version of a leprechaun) intervenes and recharges the magical batteries in time for a very important performance.
The cats act like normal moggies until after dark when an entire other word reveals itself. This feline version of the Russian ballet is a world worth visiting. It would be an enjoyable book for young and old. All it requires is a little magic.
I give this four purrs and two paws up.

by NetGalley Review

Magical! I loved this story! I'm a cat lover, so I may be prejudiced....! But I loved the mystery and magic and suspense of this story- and I'm a grown up- kids will love this tale.

by Catherine Hankins (NetGalley)

Magical! I loved this story! I'm a cat lover, so I may be prejudiced....! But I loved the mystery and magic and suspense of this story- and I'm a grown up- kids will love this tale.

by NetGalley Reviewer

What a delightful story! So many twists and turns and as for the characters, they are all very endearing. The ballet aspect was clearly well researched and would be of great help to any budding ballet dancers. The story was made even more interesting by the exquisite illustrations.
Although this is a book written for children, as an older reader, I found it absolutely fascinating.

by Eliza

This book is for kids who love cats and ballet. Because of the vocabulary level, I would recommend it for a good reader in grades 3-5. It would also be a great read-out-loud. There are many unusual names in Dancing Paws of Magic so a child with dyslexia may find it frustrating. This book has many chapters, but read aloud to children who love animals and funny situations, it would be delightful.

I received this book through Net Galley

by NetGalley Reviewer

An excellent book that I hope to share with my class.

by By A NetGalley Reviewer

A lovely book that children will enjoy. The story of magic and mystery based around the cat characters is a delight.

by Sarah Luxton

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