Troubador Charlie Green and the Knights of the Round Table

Released: 28/05/2018

ISBN: 9781789010268

Format: Paperback

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Charlie Green and the Knights of the Round Table


Charlie Green is the epitome of kindness, bold, good-natured and always seeks to find truth and put right wrongs with a cheeky grin. But Charlie is no ordinary boy, he has a secret: a magical plane that can take him anywhere including back in time! In Martyn Blunden’s latest adventure, Charlie must travel back to the sixth century to save Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table from self-destruction. 

When an old man in a museum reveals some long lost parchments which contain a confession by Merlin, the great wizard and advisor to King Arthur, and a revelation of treachery within Camelot, Charlie knows that history will have to be rewritten. He must travel back in time to warn King Arthur and to stop the millennia old lies that Sir Lancelot betrayed his beloved king.  

Charlie knows little about the century he is visiting and upon arrival finds great difficulty in persuading its inhabitants to listen to him. The answer to his problems is locked away on the magical island of Avalon and is guarded by many, entrusted with total protection of its secrets. Let the adventure begin!

Martyn’s aircraft guides are among the best sellers in their category and used by students to enhance their understanding of the workings of an aeroplane from a non-technical perspective. The local paper the Shoreham Herald was the first to run a feature on Martyn and his book Charlie Green and The Pirate’s Treasure on 31st March, shortly followed by the Inside magazine.

Currently Martyn is working on building a collection of antiques to illustrate his story and create interest during school visit presentations that he intends to deliver to years 5 & 6 and 7 & 8. During his work as a teacher of Flying Instructors he often uses The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, as an example of the best way to teach children – or for that matter any age – that keeps the interest going throughout. Amongst other things they will be able to handle a true antique flintlock pistol with possibly some provenance to pirates!

Book Signing at Shoreham Beach Dreams Friday 24th June

Very successful book signing event at Waterstones in Worthing Saturday 29th October. Met loads of lovely people and the artifact collection drew in much attention.

A hearty round of applause from an attentive audience of around 90 pupils from yrs 7 - 10 at St Andrews school in Worthing was a good end to Martyn's lecture on Monday 23rd Jan. Of course many of the boys wanted to try out holding the flintlock pistol - just one of the exhibits on display to help illustrate Charlie Green and The Pirate's Treasure.

Martyn's new book Charlie Green and The Underground Railroad published on May 28th has received some great reviews. The delicate handling of the slavery issue during the mid-1800's in America within a children's adventure novel has been well received. It tells of Charlie's plan to travel to the period and help Harriet Tubman free her sister from slavery. More too is revealed about the special relationship between Oliver and Emilie - owner of the peculiar emporium.

Looking forward to World Book Day when I shall be presenting my books to 500 children at Maidenbower Junior School in Crawley.

Charlie Green and the Knights of the Round Table will be published in June 2018. Read how Charlie learns about a recently discovered secret surrounding King Arthur and the untimely fall of Camelot, and his journey to save the day.

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Shoreham Herald

Thank you for writing such an AWESOME book! I loved reading it.

I can't wait to read the next 2 books.

by Lane Skipworth

Martyn Blunden

Martyn Blunden grew up in a small Sussex market town with a steam railway still serving it when he was a boy. Living at the top of a cutting he and his siblings were latter-day Railway Children before the line was closed in the mid-sixties. After initially following a career in agriculture he became a pilot and then flying instructor and examiner at the local airport. His interest in writing goes back many years and he has already had aircraft technical books published, but is now excited about the forthcoming publication of his first novel – Charlie Green and The Pirate’s Treasure. Inspired by the games he’s played with his two daughters, his own childhood memories of imagined adventures and his love of history, Martyn has created a story where an aeroplane -blessed with magical properties - can transport the sibling heroes wherever they wish in the past. Their travels have a nod to the television series Mr Benn, but are really more like Back to the Future meets Horrible Histories!

The scary graveyard of my childhood!
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