Troubador Cassy & The Bathroom People

Released: 28/07/2019

ISBN: 9781838590086

eISBN: 9781838599706

Format: Paperback/eBook

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Cassy & The Bathroom People


Cassy is an ordinary eight year old girl living an ordinary life in Cancun with her ordinary parents and older brother James. Ordinary, yes, to the outside world, but Cassy has a secret... 

One night, after a fight with James, Cassy wakes up to discover her toy warrior, Len, has come alive! Like many other girls her age, even though she is scared, Cassy follows Len into her bathroom where she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime in an amazing new world!

Entering this quirky, fun and exciting place, she meets Len’s fabulous family, explores the friendly Memonia and plays an unusual game of Qualla. But, just when she thinks the fun is over, Cassy encounters her greatest challenge yet: she cannot go home! And strangest of all, who is the mysterious old man they encounter on their adventure? Will Cassy and Len discover the answers to their questions - and more importantly, will she manage to find her way back home?

Well done Inaaya - you are an inspiration!
My daughter is 8 next month so this is the perfect birthday gift for her.
Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

by ChrisB

Best book I have ever read, the plot is just amazing and the words the author has made up are brilliant, this is definitely a book I would recommend to all ages with lots of poetry and hilarious jokes, the book and characters really are great and the book shows you a new aspect of life in a magical place called Swarmia!!!

by Vanya Malhotra

This book is definitely my favourites, there are lots of hilarious jokes and lots of brilliant short poems, the words Inaaya has made up are so clever the plot is just outstanding and the charecters are all amazing in there own ways, it is great to see a different world in a place nobody really thinks of that way and everything from the moment Cassie walks through that tiny cubicle like lift to the end when she tells her mum her whole story is just lovely, looking forward to see more from you Innaya

by Vanya M

Inaaya a young budding author has written her first book. When I first read the book, there was anticipation and excitement as I have known Inaaya as a young girl, her love of reading has now transformed into writing a book. The book is a wonderful amalgamation of creative characters, interesting storyline and a super fun journey. Eagerly awaiting a sequel!

by Divya

Are you good at keeping secrets? Well this is a book for you. A book about true courage and friendship. Not knowing whether you will be stuck here forever or not. I loved this book because the way it is told made me never want to close it. This story has really inspired me to read and write more often. All the twists and turns reflect the effort that has been put into creating this story. I would recommend this novel to readers young (like me) or old. Thank you, Inaaya, for writing this wonderful book. Florence (aged 9).

by Florence Jones

Inaaya Mahek

Inaaya Mahek is a simple nine year old girl with a dream. A dream to write books for children her age and to spread the magic of stories throughout the world.

Inaaya is currently growing up in Shinfield UK, with her parents and lovely sister. She developed a passion for reading very early on and translated it to writing soon after.

Cassy and the Bathroom People is her debut novel. Inspiration for Cassy and the Bathroom people came from her own experiences in the bathroom, combined with her wild and vivid imagination. Just like Cassy, Inaaya does not like the dark.

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