Troubador Carlo and Bunny

Released: 28/04/2017

eISBN: 9781788031981

Format: eBook

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Carlo and Bunny


Carlo and Bunny have fallen on hard times. Once, they were renowned magicians but now, all of their tricks have started to go wrong and nobody wants to pay to see them do magic anymore. This makes them sad and they start to wonder if they should give up magic and try something new.

One day, when they are feeling particularly sad, they catch a thief as he runs away after a robbery. They successfully stop the robber and become heroes. From that point on, their luck begins to change. They are the talk of the town once again, local celebrities, with everyone wanting to be their friends – and to be in the audience at their magic shows. They decide to put their new-found fame to good use…

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Simon Prickett

Hi everyone, my name is Simon Prickett and l am the author and illustrater of this first adventure of my 2 friends Carlo and Bunny

.Everybody told me about the trials of publishing your first book and how right they where!plus! the added disadvantage of my dyslexia but l knew that Carlo and Bunny should be known,and now,here they are! l am single,love cooking and music but being dedicated to my illustrations in my spare time. l believe that Carlo and Bunny fit into a happy,friendly world that givens lots of pleasure. l am thrilled by the reaction of their adventures to date and announce that adventure number 2 is now on the way. l sincerely hope that you enjoy my book and friends of Carlo and Bunny thankyou for your attention!

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