Troubador Biscuit Box Cat

Released: 17/04/2015

eISBN: 9781784629977

Format: eBook

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Biscuit Box Cat

Animal Action Poems from the Box of Rhyme


‘Biscuit Box Cat’ is a collection of 15 poems, full of animal action and counting rhymes, ideal for 2-6 year olds. The captivating watercolour illustrations by Marianne Eyles-Smith will delight young children, with the dancing farmyard animals, a cheeky monkey, acrobatic jellyfish, and an inconsiderate dragon.

Younger readers can count the bubbles in the sticky bear’s bubbly tub and enjoy ‘tiptoeing tiredly’ back home, while they want to join in the chorus of ‘Biscuit Box Cat’, and act out the cat’s activities with a stretch, a snoozy nap and a shaking of his biscuit box.

Catchy and repetitive lines help with language development and can be adapted into further rhymes, making this ebook a favourite in pre-school play, as it invites children to join in and be happy all day.

There is a complimentary website with free resources, including animal photographs and teaching ideas, such as matching activities. ‘Biscuit Box Cat – Animal Action Poems from the Box of Rhyme’ is a valuable resource for children’s rhyming development and imaginative play.

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Ruth Lennard

Ruth Lennard teaches literacy in Adult and Community Education.

Inspired by her collection of animal photographs, she started writing poetry in 2011. She writes children’s rhymes and reflective faith poems as well as literacy resources.

Ruth Lennard
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