Troubador Big Little Voice

Released: 28/09/2021

ISBN: 9781800464520

Format: Paperback

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Big Little Voice

Behind the Smile


Big Little Voice – Behind the Smile is a story about rediscovering your self-worth and finding the courage to be uniquely you in a world where everyone is intent on being the same.

The story centres around Beth, who suffers terribly with low self-esteem, believing her friends are prettier, smarter and happier than she is. One night, a Big Little Voice appears to her and takes her on a trip to see first-hand the reality that was hiding behind the smiles.

Together, they uncover the ‘truth’ about Beth’s world and her friends. She learns to embrace her own true self and to never again be ashamed of who she is. 

When you realise the prettiest smiles are hiding the biggest secrets, be the one person that puts a genuine smile on their face.

Join Beth on her incredible journey, see the world that hides behind the smiles of those closest to her. Meet Big Little Voice and realise that the most beautiful thing in the world is being uniquely and unashamedly yourself!

Look out for more books in the Big Little Voice series in the near future.

Another wonderful book by MG Vaciago! Love the theme of this book: empowering children to stop looking at everyone else, and instead look within themselves. Learning to appreciate the qualities they have and to be proud of who they are. Highly recommended for all children and their parents.

by Guido

M.G. Vaciago

M.G. Vaciago is a writer of children's books and adult fiction. She is also a wife and a mum of three boys. She is an avid book collector and can't walk past a bookshop without popping in. She created the Big Little Voice series to inspire and empower her children, and in doing so fulfilled a childhood ambition to write books. She is always scribbling down notes about story plots and has a whole world of unwritten books in her head, just waiting to be put to paper.

Big Little Voice Colours the Grey and Big Little Voice Behind the Smile are both out now.

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