Troubador Beyond the Doors

Released: 28/06/2021

ISBN: 9781838340605

Format: Paperback

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Beyond the Doors


At sea, two lonely WWII evacuees see the night sky tear open, revealing a glittering world beyond. Quickly connected by their shared experience and the bizarre aura they see around one another, Hazel and Bec find in each other their first true friends. When they arrive at Fairwarren, their enchanting new home in the Canadian wilderness, they find that the tear was only the beginning.

With the rare ability to cross between multiple worlds, Hazel, Bec and their new companions must discover what they are capable of while a dark force threatens to tear apart more worlds than one. They are met by foes beyond their darkest nightmares as they try to mend the worlds and fulfill their calling but when one of them manifests unexpected power will it mean victory, or disaster?

Adventure, peril, power and one very special marsupial await…. Beyond the Doors.

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Clay Kelly

Clay is a first-time novelist with a background in history, architecture, and urban development. Her passion lies in finding the adventures, histories and stories hidden in the fabric of cities and places around the world. Clay, her family and a hail from New York but make their home in London.

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