Troubador Betty the Firefly

Released: 27/03/2013

eISBN: 9781783069705

Format: eBook

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Betty the Firefly


Betty the Firefly will delight you with her light, which she shines on her friends. You will discover her adventures in these seven stories full of kindness, friendship and fun. Her friends are facing some difficulties and they don’t know how to deal with them. But here comes Betty the Firefly, with her light shining brightly to assist them and guide them. In true friendship, she helps them find insights and inner strength that they did not have before.

Betty the Firefly rescues Angeline the Angelfish, stuck in a rock pool, and shows her how to overcome her shyness. Henri the Vole is sad and there seems to be no answer to his family situation. Betty reveals to Henri about his inner light. BZZZ! BZZZ! BZZZ! Frances the Honeybee is so agitated about her homework. Betty takes her round her friends to discover that talent is in our hearts.

And there is also Zoe the Swallow, whose school friends make her unhappy by playing tricks on her. Betty inspires in her her own sense of wholeness. With Courage the Otter, Betty demonstrates to him and his class that differences are of no importance – an otter is always an otter, no matter the physical abilities. Fear and confusion are Jack the black and white Cat’s bone of contention! Betty shows his mum how kind listening resolves Jack’s feelings. Finally, Frank and Monica the Swans receive the visit of Betty, who tells them how to find happiness in their new place.

Betty the Firefly has a special place in young hearts to reassure, guide and inspire.

Comment from a life coach from London: "I read Marie-Claire Tetteh's children's story Betty the Firefly and Angeline the Angelfish to the reception class of Woodside Infants School on Friday 8th April 2011. The class consisted of 18 5-6 years old children from a variety of cultural and religious backgrounds. The children very much enjoyed the story and all appeared very engrossed in the tale. They asked very relevant questions. The children then did some related craft work using themes from the story.
I would be happy to read further stories by this very promising children's author and the children's teachers were also very impressed with the calibre of the story writing and themes and concepts explored. I feel that the themes explored in this author's books are very appropriate and relevant to today's child and the issues that they face as they grow into young adults."

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Marie-Claire Tetteh

Since a young age I seemed to have had the knack to say the right thing to friends and family going through some difficulties. And they felt better for it. At the time I made nothing of it, thinking anyone could have said that. Being interested in personality and spiritual development, I came to realise that this was a gift. I also studied listening skills and life coaching. These skills came very handy whilst raising my two children, who are all grown up and talented young people. My daughter created and took the photo (see below) and my son designed the ebook cover. That's the proof of the pudding.

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